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Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

The Talking Headways podcast is a weekly podcast about transportation and urban design.

Feb 8, 2024

This week we’re joined by Elaine Clegg, CEO of Valley Regional Transit in Boise Idaho.  We chat about how the Boise bus system is changing, the impact of fast regional growth, energy infrastructure and favorite transportation board games.



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Jan 25, 2024

This week we’re joined by Angie Schmitt, Owner and Principal at 3MPH Planning and Consulting. We chat about changing travel behavior in cities, the impact of recent social isolation on social trust, and polarization in policy solutions.


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Jan 18, 2024

This week we’re joined by Beth Osborne, Vice President for Transportation and Thriving Communities at Smart Growth America.  We chat about the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measure Rule that will make State DOTs and MPOs measure emissions on the federal highway system. We also talk about how Beth thinks we have things...

Jan 11, 2024

This week we’re joined by John King, Urban Design Critic at the SF Chronicle, to talk about his book Portal: San Francisco's Ferry Building and the Reinvention of American Cities. We chat about the history of the Ferry Building in San Francisco which was one of the busiest city transportation hubs in the world in...

Jan 9, 2024

We’re back from the new year but no so back that I have enough material for a Mondays show.  So as we started doing at the end of last year, I’m going to throw in a throwback Talking Headways from time to time to go back to some episodes I found interesting and perhaps mention more than a few times during current...