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Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

The Talking Headways podcast is a weekly podcast about transportation and urban design.

Jan 26, 2023

This week we’re joined by Dr. Dorina Pojani, Associate Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Queensland to talk about her book Planning for Sustainable Transport in Southeast Asia: Policy Transfer, Diffusion, and Mobility. We chat about how four different Southeast Asian cities are taking transportation...

Dec 20, 2022

This week we're Han Solo but we've got a lot to share from ideas we have for next year's podcasts as well as a lot of really interesting news items you probably won't hear about anywhere else. Check out the show notes below for more and have a great finish to 2022! 

Show Notes

Buses shouldn't be free - The Atlantic


Dec 6, 2022

This week we're talking about the big stories of the last few weeks! Why LED lights suddenly turn purple, what walking does to our brains, and the strange city of Lusail in Qatar.

News Items

LED lights turning purple - Business Insider

How walking helps us think - New Yorker

The strange city of Lusail Qatar -

Nov 3, 2022

This week we’re joined by Tien-Tien Chan of Nelson Nygaard and Jessica Roberts of Alta Planning and Design to talk about Transportation Demand Management or TDM. Tien-Tien and Jessica discuss how TDM acts as the soft side of transportation and the flip side of infrastructure and they dive deep into the different types...

Sep 27, 2022

This week on Mondays we cover a ton of ground including Transportation Insecurity, putting retail away from arterial streets, pattern book building, bad intersections, forced flood buyouts and much more! 

Check out links in the show notes below:

Show Links

Transportation insecurity - Washington Center for Equitable...