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Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

The Talking Headways podcast is a weekly podcast about transportation and urban design.

Apr 9, 2019

This week I'm doing a solo show reviewing the news because I'll be gone the rest of the month and wanted to share a few things with listeners. Below are the articles we cover in the show. Hope you enjoy it!


Go Triangle Ends Durham Orange LRT - News and Observer

New transit payment schemes - Engadget - Smart Cities Dive

Facebook faces housing discrimination charges from HUD - NYT

Lightfoot elected mayor - Chicago Streetsblog

Idaho Stop Legalized - Streetsblog USA

Denver announces new DOT - Denverite

Story of the Week

Experimental walking directions - Gizmodo

Manhattan Congestion Pricing - NYT

Tallest tower planned - Guardian

Self driving cars considered unthinkable in 50 years - Vox

Ciclovia 25 years - National Geographic

Rockefeller bows out of 100 resilient cities program - Bloomberg

Puppies and Butterflies

20 Minute Nature Pills - Fast Company