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This week we’re joined by Patrick Oliva, the Co-Founder of the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate to talk about decarbonization of transport.  We chat about electrification of the transport sector and what it means for climate change, the role cities need to play in the Paris process and what levels of government work best, and the what the focus should be for mayors in the coming decade.

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This week we’re chatting with Matt Horton of Proterra, a company that designs and manufactures battery powered electric buses.  We chat about the basics of electric buses, power consumption and recharging, the benefits and costs, as well as possible environmental outcomes. 

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This week we’re back at the Shared Use Mobility Summit in Chicago listening to a great panel discussing how we can use a changing technology and information landscape to get more equitable outcomes.  Jackie Grimshaw of the Center for Neighborhood Technology moderates this panel featuring Anita Cozart, Deputy Director at the Center for Infrastructure Equity at Policy Link, Rob Puentes President and CEO for the Eno Center for Transportation and Joshua Schank, the Chief Innovation Officer at LA Metro.

A lot of interesting discussions come up including the idea that innovation doesn’t always have to be from technology, the fact that not all people are benefitting from transportation investments, the measurement bias in the models we use to make transportation decisions and much much more.  It’s a great discussion and I highly recommend the listen.

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Matt Johnson from DC joins us to talk about how he's ridden 101 different rail transit systems and the origins of #NerdTrain

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Dr. Richard Jackson joins the podcast to talk about health and cities.

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This week on the podcast I’m joined by Dr. Mariela Alfonzo to discuss walkability in China.  We talk about her recent paper, Walkability, obesity and urban design in Chinese neighborhoods in the journal Preventative Medicine as well as the lack of data availability for researchers, the obstacles to walking such as poles and poorly designed ramps, and the huge issue of air quality indoors and out.

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