Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

This week we're joined again by Mariia Zimmerman of MZ Strategies. Mariia discusses how she got into transportation and urban planning after growing up in rural Minnesota and how livability policy has changed over time at the federal level. She also talks about the evolution of discussions about transit oriented development from initial proof of concept to a greater discussion on equity.

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This week we’re joined by Los Angeles DOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds.  We chat about how she got into transportation planning and how we can innovate for everyone.  There’s also a discussion about the future of streets, air rights of way, and how cities can handle partnerships with mobility providers that benefit cities.  And finally we talk about pricing and what that means for cities as well as how to address changing revenue sources as cities evolve.

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This week we're joined by Daniel Sperling to talk about his new book Three Revolutions. We talk about the possible sea changes happening in the transportation world with electrification, automation, and shared rides. I ask him about the importance of regulations, how he got his epiphany that shared rides are the future, and what this revolutions means for auto manufacturers.

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