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This week Ann Cheng of the California Transportation Advocacy Group Transform joins me to talk about their Green Trip program.   Ann, a planner, the former Mayor of El Cerrito California, as well as one of San Francisco Business Times “40 Under Forty” in 2014 discusses how housing developers can build less parking and more housing by giving residents better travel options through Green Trip Certification.

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Mariia Zimmerman of MZ Strategies joins me to chat about her new report on local advocacy for transportation reform called Transportation Transformation.<>   Mariia, former Deputy Director for the Office of Sustainable Communities at HUD as well as former Chief of Staff to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, spent a year probing the local transportation advocacy landscape to see what issues people were working on, which regions were the most innovative, and case studies that look at the San Francisco Bay Area and the Washington DC region.


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Guest host Randy Simes, Headline writer for the Streetsblog Ohio Network Blog and owner of, joins me from South Korea to give his thoughts on his current home in the Gangnam district of Seoul and his previous one in Atlanta.  We cover Keith Parker’s turnaround of Atlanta’s transit agency MARTA, talk about the belt line and the types of people that won’t leave the cozy boundary it creates,  and Randy shares the best place to get southern hospitality in town.


From there we swerve from a discussion about Al Gore’s $90T plan to remake cities without cars into a chat about America’s crumbling infrastructure.  Or splintering.  Depends on what material the pipes are made from. 


And for the final few minutes there is a celebration of Denver’s 10 year anniversary of the Fastracks vote.  Regionalism and light rail on freight rights-of-way is debated and the locals might know what Randy means when he mentions Biker Jim.  



All that and more on this week’s Talking Headway Podcast


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Guest host Tim Halbur joins Jeff to talk about how we design our roads for speed, the idea that we need to design complete streets with Trucks in mind, age in cities, and the airbnb-ification of parking. 

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