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Alisa Valderrama and Rob Moore of NRDC talk about how water and climate change effects cities and infrastructure now and in the future.

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This week we’re chatting with Jay Crossley of Houston Tomorrow and Streetsblog Texas. On September 30th Houston passed a new comprehensive plan and ceased to be the largest city in the United States without one. Plan Houston was over 14 years in the making and allows Houston to stop as Jay says “Plan by Pitchfork”.

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Matt Johnson from DC joins us to talk about how he's ridden 101 different rail transit systems and the origins of #NerdTrain

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Former head of Chicago and DC departments of transportation Gabe Klein discusses themes from his new book called Start Up City.

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Live from the Rail~Volution conference in Dallas, we chat with Catherine Cuellar and Dave Unsworth about Dallas and Portland respectively.

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Dr. Richard Jackson joins the podcast to talk about health and cities.

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Mike Lydon joins us to talk about Tactical Urbanism and Pattern Cities.  I also wonder, is Urbanism like fashion? Things just keep coming back into style.

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Dr. Kevin Gurney of Arizona State joins us to chat about carbon emissions data collection at the street, the block, and the city level.

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Tim Sullivan joins us to talk about his new book Ways to the West

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